we had a spamming party and singing party. see

6:51 Redarjun Ma ma ma la 6:51

StrawberryMoonlight xD nicki minaj 6:51 Redarjun lemme do my vocals first 6:51 StrawberryMoonlight i don't like nicki minaj. 6:51 DeeMoShow every1 refresh new emotes 6:51 Redarjun

  • does vocales*

6:51 StrawberryMoonlight already refreshed oh Welcome to the DA BEST :D Wiki chat 6:51 PrettyReckless oh well oh well i still hope for the best 6:51 Redarjun me me me 6:51 DeeMoShow  what? 6:52 DeeMoShow so red will stahpsaying that word. 6:52 PrettyReckless say goodbye and send me off with a kiss 6:52 Redarjun wait what did you do? 6:52

StrawberryMoonlight now chat 6:52 Redarjun 6:52 StrawberryMoonlight is being weird again 6:52 PrettyReckless farewell and i promise ill be just as strong as i can be 6:52 StrawberryMoonlight because i had to refresh 6:52 PrettyReckless maybe you can get some sleep tonight 6:52 Redarjun night 6:52 StrawberryMoonlight xD 6:52 Redarjun la 6:52 StrawberryMoonlight nothing's fine i'm torn 6:52 PrettyReckless so heres your song its twisting me 6:52 Redarjun MUSIC MAKES ME HIGH 6:52 PrettyReckless id give anythign to make you scream 6:52 Redarjun DU DU DUDUUDUDUUDUDUUDUDUU 6:52 DeeMoShow xD 6:52 StrawberryMoonlight chat hates me. 6:53 PrettyReckless and ill just smile and make believe i dont feel a thing 6:53 StrawberryMoonlight i'm wide awake and i can see 6:53 DeeMoShow Suddenly 6:53 Redarjun this chat is so weird 6:53 StrawberryMoonlight the perfect sky is torn 6:53 DeeMoShow my choice is clear 6:53 Redarjun and disturing 6:53 PrettyReckless it doesnt work for me oh well oh well guess ill see you in hell 6:53 StrawberryMoonlight so i guess the fortune teller's right i should've seen what was there and not some holy light 6:53 PrettyReckless theres a pretty little picture thats in my head 6:53 StrawberryMoonlight dududud okay different song hehehe xD breathing in 6:54 Redarjun losh 6:54 StrawberryMoonlight snowflakes dududud 6:54 Redarjun losh 7 6:54 DeeMoShow se sep sell 6:54 Redarjun losh 9 6:54 DeeMoShow Suddenly my choice is clear if only you and I were standing here. 6:54 PrettyReckless and im starting to dream changing colors as i sleep maybe im just wasting time 6:55 StrawberryMoonlight i don't know what song to sing omg 6:55 DeeMoShow 99 bottles of beer on the wall 6:55 PrettyReckless sit still and listen to the soundtrack i'll tell you how i took one straight through the heart 6:55 StrawberryMoonlight where wasi when the rockets came to life dudud xD wasi i said wasi omg 6:55 PrettyReckless and it's not easy to talk about so we all scream loud 6:55 StrawberryMoonlight wasi xD I'm never letting go 6:55 Redarjun can i be mod? i am good 6:55 StrawberryMoonlight xD xDDD 6:55 Redarjun and i like Ten/Rose and pie 6:56 DeeMoShow xD 6:56 PrettyReckless and that was it I had made it clean just across the street with my new wings 6:56 Redarjun so i deserve to be one and i can fly 6:56 StrawberryMoonlight when i make it shiiiiiiine okay idk anymore 6:56 Redarjun

  • flies*

6:56 StrawberryMoonlight can we just all sing one song 6:56 DeeMoShow YES 6:56 StrawberryMoonlight like together 6:56 PrettyReckless so i'll just fly and hope that i remember the good times when its done 6:56 DeeMoShow yes 6:56 StrawberryMoonlight shhh 6:56 Redarjun Rowan 6:56 PrettyReckless oh well oh well i cant live with myself 6:56 StrawberryMoonlight but like what song 6:56 Redarjun do i have to do a statement for mod? 6:56 DeeMoShow maybe jingle bells? idk 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight jingle bells xDDD in february xD 6:57 Redarjun ok 6:57 DeeMoShow @Red you need to give me pie. 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight sure 6:57 PrettyReckless as im climbing in your window to get to your bed 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight xDD jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way 6:57 DeeMoShow jingle all the way 6:57 Redarjun

  • gives pie to rowan*

6:57 StrawberryMoonlight xD 6:57 DeeMoShow oh what fun it is to ride. -eats- 6:57 Redarjun now my statment 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight statment? 6:57 DeeMoShow Give me chocolate. 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight no get your own chocolate 6:57 DeeMoShow I was talking to red. 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight still xD 6:57 Redarjun i deserve to be mod cause i am good 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight eheh eheh 6:57 Redarjun i give food out 6:57 StrawberryMoonlight sure 6:58 Redarjun to people who have no food 6:58 DeeMoShow xD 6:58 Redarjun i also fly and have wings 6:58 DeeMoShow Ohhhhh reddddddddd. The fammouus reeded. *sings* 6:58 Redarjun which are in anne's house 6:58 DeeMoShow OH REEEEDDDDD 6:58 Redarjun


6:58 DeeMoShow OHHH REEEDDDD 6:58 StrawberryMoonlight WHAT IN MY HOUSE 6:58 DeeMoShow OHHH REEDDDDD 6:58 Redarjun yes 6:58 StrawberryMoonlight CREEP 6:58 DeeMoShow OHHH REDDDD dum dum dum 6:58 Redarjun i snuck in and hid them 6:58 StrawberryMoonlight that sounds so wrong 6:58 Redarjun xD 6:58 StrawberryMoonlight DeeMoShow OHHH REDDDD That just sounds wrong 6:58 Redarjun ok 6:58 StrawberryMoonlight omg 6:59 DeeMoShow OHHH REEDDD xD\ 6:59 Redarjun i have done my statement 6:59 StrawberryMoonlight am i the only one who thinks this is wrong 6:59 Redarjun now make me mod 6:59 DeeMoShow ~ Redarjun has not been made a mod unless he gives me all Seggums chocolate ~ 6:59 Redarjun


7:00 DeeMoShow ... oh fine. 7:00 Redarjun ok DeeMoShow has made Redarjun a chat moderator. 7:00 Redarjun


7:00 DeeMoShow You owe me one. xD 7:00 Redarjun yay 7:00 DeeMoShow OHHH ANNNNEEEE 7:00 Redarjun

  • gives the rest of my chocolate to rowan*

.. 7:00 DeeMoShow yay ! :D -eats- OHHH ANNNNEEE xD 7:00 Redarjun OHHH ANNE she is so kind 7:00 DeeMoShow she snows 7:00 Redarjun and has my wings in her house 7:00 DeeMoShow like a pretzel 7:01 Redarjun


she is ANNE 7:01 DeeMoShow she's kind she's nice 7:01 Redarjun like a diva 7:01 DeeMoShow so one day 7:01 Redarjun like a devil 7:01 DeeMoShow i understand.... 7:01 Redarjun but 7:01 DeeMoShow SHE'S ANNNEEEEEE 7:01 Redarjun she is a herat 7:01 DeeMoShow SHE'S ANNNEEEEE SHE'S ANNNEEEEE SHE'S ANNNEEEE 7:01 Redarjun and then she dies


7:01 DeeMoShow one day x( 7:01 Redarjun hello anne PrettyReckless has left the chat. 7:01 Redarjun StrawberryMoonlight 7:01 DeeMoShow SHE'S ANNNEEEEE SHE'S ANNNEEEEE SHE'S ANNNEEEE 7:01 Redarjun StrawberryMoonlightStrawberryMoonlightStrawberryMoonlightStrawberryMoonlightStrawberryMoonlightStrawberryMoonlight 7:01 DeeMoShow OHHH ANNE OHHH ANNNEE 7:01 Redarjun OHH StrawberryMoonlight 7:01 DeeMoShow OHHH ANNNEE OHHH ANNEEE 7:02 Redarjun where is StrawberryMoonlight 7:02 StrawberryMoonlight So wrong 7:02 Redarjun ... do me 7:02 StrawberryMoonlight So, so wrong 7:02 Redarjun OHHH ROWAN OHH ROWAN 7:02 DeeMoShow She's kind She's a person. She's a pretzel. 7:02 Redarjun HE IS A PERSON 7:02 DeeMoShow She understands. She's ANNNEEE 7:02 Redarjun AND HE HAS ICE 7:02 DeeMoShow She's ANNEEE 7:02 Redarjun in his freezer 7:02 StrawberryMoonlight YOU FORGOT THAT I'M A STRAWBERRY, AND A TURTLEDUCK 7:02 DeeMoShow xD 7:02 Redarjun and rowan 7:02 DeeMoShow STRAWBERRYS ARE AWESOME :) 7:02 Redarjun fell on the sofa 7:02 DeeMoShow

  • ding*

7:03 StrawberryMoonlight strawberries* :D 7:03 Redarjun and punched the pillow showing how viloent he is IT'S ROWAN


7:03 StrawberryMoonlight


7:03 DeeMoShow I am given out 200 strawberries. first person to respond gets them.

  • giving

7:03 StrawberryMoonlight and anne decided to run away 7:03 Redarjun


7:03 DeeMoShow I am giving out 200 strawberries. first person to say" I WANT THEM" wins. 7:03 Redarjun then arjun catched her but she let go and punched an old lady and ran


7:04 DeeMoShow I am giving out 200 strawberries. first person to say" I WANT THEM" wins. HELLO? 7:04 Redarjun I WANT THEM 7:04 DeeMoShow RED IS THE WINNER 7:04 Redarjun


then rowan punched me and we had a fight then anne 7:05 DeeMoShow She's anne ------------------ One day there was anne One day she flew Then she ate a strawberry 7:05 Redarjun went inside the fight 7:05 DeeMoShow and a pretzel. 7:05 Redarjun and danced xD 7:05 DeeMoShow DANCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHH DAANA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCED 7:05 Redarjun and then she sung something 7:05 DeeMoShow OHHHH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCED 7:05 Redarjun while i was punching rowan 7:05 DeeMoShow ROWAN FLIED AWAY. AND RED DIED. 7:05 Redarjun


7:05 DeeMoShow

  • just kidding*

7:05 Redarjun then i killed anne hehehhehehe XD 7:05 DeeMoShow RED FLEW AFTER ROWAN BUT ROWAN KNEW BETTER 7:06 Redarjun so i got the doctor and he killed you


7:06 DeeMoShow HE JUMPED ON RED AND THEY FLEW TO THE CLOUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDSSS. DUM DUM 7:06 Redarjun then he kissed rose tyler 7:06 DeeMoShow DUHDUH 7:06 Redarjun


then anne DeeMoShow has made StrawberryMoonlight a chat moderator. 7:06 Redarjun jumped


Callofduty4 has left the chat. 7:07 DeeMoShow [cum] 7:07 StrawberryMoonlight lalalala 7:07 DeeMoShow where's the curse symbol i made? 7:07 Redarjun wt


7:07 DeeMoShow

7:07 Redarjun sut 7:07 DeeMoShow SO ANNNNEEEEEEEE SO ANNENEEEEE DIED 7:08 Redarjun


7:08 DeeMoShow AND SHE LIVED HAAAAAPPILLLLLLYYY EVEER AFFFFFFTTTTTTTEEERRR 7:08 Redarjun and i called her a [curse] 7:08 DeeMoShow BUT SHE WAS ALIVE AGAIN. 7:08 Redarjun 7:08 DeeMoShow and you called her a . and red went to jail. Redarjun has left the chat. 7:08 DeeMoShow AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA A A A AA A A AA A A A A

  • panic*